Cutters S450 Rev Pro Senior

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Cutter S450 Rev Pro  Senior


The Rev Pro is the perfect combination of performance, fit, and durability.  Featuring a C-TACK™ palm for extreme grip.  Back of hand is lightweight and flexible with added synthetic panels for more support, form fit, and durability.  

C-TACK™ is a Cutters exclusive.  This innovation not only creates a strong grip, but a permanent grip that is self restoring and will perform in all weather conditions. 

Youth gloves have black C-TACKTM palms.

  • C-TACK™ Material palm for extreme grip 
  • Flexible back of hand for lightweight comfort and flex
  • Synthetic panels for added support, form fit, and durability
  • Extended C-TACK™ wrist increases grip coverage
  • Iconic Cutters Oval 
  • Rev Tack Recharge: Restore the grip by wiping with a damp cloth or machine washing
  • Performs in All Weather Conditions
  • Machine Washable and Dryable
  • Meets NOCSAE Standards
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