Riddell Kombine SK Senior

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Riddell Kombine SK Senior

  • RipKord - A cord strategically integrated within the foam padding that can be pulled out to separate the component, significantly reducing the time between possible injury occurrence and shoulder pad removal.
  • Air Management Liner System - Hits produce energy. The Riddell Air Management Liner System helps reduce the energy transferred on a hit with cushions of air held within semi-sealed chambers that spread the impact force out from point of impact and release it at a controlled rate.
  • Built-In Back Plate
  • Flat Pad Design - Keeping a low profile means the cap - sits on the humerous - and epaulet - its on the crown of the shoulder pad - don't interfere with a player's helmet when rotating side-to-side.
  • Corrugated Arches - Riddell's arches - the molded plastic that sits over the shoulder and on top of the padded liner - are enginnered using a design element called "corrigation" that stiffens and strengthens the structure to reduce weight without also reducing the protective qualities of the component.
  • Velvet Matrerial on the collar for a more comfortable feel.
  • Belt Strap - One 1" PVC belt
  • Recommended Positions: Skilled Positions


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