SKLZ Jump Rope

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SKLZ Jump Rope

An easy-to-use jump rope for adding intensity to cardiovascular training. Perfect

for improving footwork, sharpening agility and amping up speed.



Train speed, quickness and endurance with this durable jump rope. With padded grips,

a center mounted swivel, the Jump Rope is a simple approach to get more results from your training.



Exceptional value, durable jump rope
Ergonomic, padded grips
Great tool for improving coordination, footwork and quickness
Adjustable rope length
Center-mounted swivel


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SKLZ Weighted Jump Rope Set 1lb SKLZ Weighted Jump Rope Set 1lb
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SKLZ Weighted Rope 1.5lb SKLZ Weighted Rope 1.5lb
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SKLZ Weighted Rope 2lb SKLZ Weighted Rope 2lb
24,50 € *
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Versandgewicht: 1 kg
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